Hemant ritu

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Hemant ritu

Vipareeta Raja Yoga By Kshitij Sharma, February 3, Sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are considered to be inimical because of the traits they represent in a horoscope. Sixth house represents enemies, obstacles, debt, Hemant ritu diseases.

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Eights house Hemant ritu representative of death and destruction. Twelfth house represents loss, unnecessary expenditure etc. Owners of such houses are inclined to do evil as much as natural malefics. Any association or yoga with natural and temporal benefics in a chart is not considered to be good.

Planets occupying such houses are rendered weak and give bad results in relation to their own houses. The effects on an individual are the very good — windfall, success in a venture, etc.

Hemant ritu

Success does not come with the grace and fame usually associated with hard work and raja yoga. It becomes important to have such a yoga in a horoscope wherever competition is involved and people like businessmen, politicians would gain tremendously due to this yoga.

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By itself, vipareeta raj yoga gives sudden results and cannot sustain riches for an individual for a long time. Other factors that strengthen the horoscope are necessary to build upon this success.

In military parlance, this yoga gives a capability of surgical air strike deep within enemy territory. Vipareeta raja yoga is like the first stage of a missile. It gives the propulsion for first stage, but if the second stage and the guidance system is imperfect, the missile is most likely to miss its intended target.

The following are important conditions for constitution of a vipareeta raj yoga: Lord of one of these houses should be situated within 6th, 8th and 12th house only.

They should not associated with lords of 1st, 5th, 10th and 9th house. No association with any natural benefic planet should exist. The lords of these houses should not be located in their own houses.

Though the the names of these yogas sound very pleasant, it is seldom the case.

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Few caveats that ensure that above four points and three yogas are not taken literally: Twelfth house is a little less important here. In case of dual ownership of signs, it is opined that the planet owning twelfth house behaves more like the lord of the other house it is owner of.Welcome to the NetApp Blog.

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Hemant ritu

According to some vastanta ritu starts with Mesha samkranti.. so Vasanta will be -- Mesha & Vrishabha, Grishma will be Mithuna & Karka. so on and so forth.

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