German tax reform 2004 essay

On October 23,the much-discussed and far-reaching Tax Reform was adopted and came into effect on January 1,including the Supplementary Tax Reduction Act, which passed the upper house of German parliament on December, 1

German tax reform 2004 essay

This holds also true for fund units that were acquired beforesince the GITA reform does not provide for comprehensive grandfathering provisions. In contrast hereto, under the new GITA, investment funds are treated as tax opaque vehicles which are themselves taxpayers and subject to taxation with certain German source income e.

Definitive tax burden at the level of the investment fund Such German tax triggered at the level of the investment fund is not refundable or creditable at unitholder level but is a definitive tax burden that reduces the net asset value of the fund and the investment return that could be paid as distribution to the fund investor.

The taxation of the German source income at the level of the fund is completely independent from the composition legal form, tax residence of the unitholders. However, capital gains from the disposal of shares in German corporations are not subject to tax at the level of the investment fund.

No German withholding tax on distributions to foreign fund investors In order to avoid a double taxation, foreign fund investors are not subject to German limited tax liability with their fund units and distributions to foreign unitholders are therefore not again subject to German taxation.

Thus, there is no German withholding tax on distributions to the foreign unitholder. Foreign fund investors are also not obliged to file a German tax return with respect to their fund units. The only German tax on the German source income is levied at the level of the fund and not again at investor level, irrespective of the jurisdiction in which the investor is tax resident and irrespective of a tax treaty that might be concluded between Germany and such jurisdiction.

Direct investment into German assets From a tax planning perspective, the taxation of fund investments has to be compared with a fictitious direct investment of the unit holder in the assets held by the fund.

Such German taxation of dividends distributed by a German corporation or German real estate income is very much subject to the tax residence and the legal form individual, corporate of the foreign investor.

In particular the question, whether Germany has concluded a double tax treaty with such country of residence or whether such country is member state of the European Union is of utmost importance. In other cases e. The same holds true in cases where foreign direct investors cannot fulfill substance requirements of the German anti treaty-shopping provision Sec.

German tax reform 2004 essay

Those examples show that the new GITA leads to an overall tax burden on certain German source income that deviates from German tax burden triggered by a direct investment of the foreign investor in German assets. One further example is the taxation of capital gains from the disposal of shares in a German corporation.

In contrast, if those shares are held via an investment fund, there is no German tax on such capital gain on fund level and also the distributions to the fund investor can be made without any German taxation. Conclusion The German legislator decided to waive the tax transparent treatment of investment funds.

This is the overall German tax burden for fund investors with tax residence outside Germany. Such overall tax burden of a fund investment can be significantly lower compared to a direct investment into the German assets.

In other cases the direct investment could be beneficial compared to an indirect fund investment. Foreign inbound investors should therefore check their German investments held directly or via an investment fund with a view to the new German fund rules. As the case may be, a reallocation of certain assets might be advisable.

Fund managers and investment houses should consider those effects within the structuring of investment schemes with German assets.With the health insurance reform of , the German government has now implemented a new insurance law which makes insurance mandatory for everybody living in Germany.

When living in Germany, this law will also apply to you. New German Fund Taxation Rules. by Dr. Till Fock.

The general tax exemption/full refund of withholding tax to German investment funds will be abolished. As a result, the arguments brought forward so far with respect to the withholding tax. The German Investment Tax Act - The Big Reform is Coming Closer 7 February , KPMG Luxembourg. Wifi: VisitorNet received by the investors who held the fund units on ; taxable in that tax year terms of ยง 42 German Tax Code and have influenced the certified year end tax figures or the equity gain. Our videos have at the very least a Temps connecter in my own individual tax reform persuasive essay. German Tax Reform U.S. and Swedish Trends in Tax Reform.

5 August After many years of discussions and various proposals that were later dismissed, the German legislature last month finally passed a law that substantially amends the principles of fund taxation in Germany.

This Investment Tax Reform Act, the main body of which will come into force. The tax reforms implemented up to the 's aimed mainly at endowing Spain with a modern tax system, and to raise funds to meet increasing demand for public services, two of the important steps in this process were the personal and corporate income tax reforms and the reform of the personal income tax.

The German Tax reform for has marked a significant turn in the reporting landscape in Germany. The German tax authorities have published an amended bill reshaping the German tax reporting for investment funds with a major change for mutual funds and alternative investment funds (AIFs). Tax Reform Persuasive Essay Miss Re Tax Den Paper.

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