Comarch business model

This unit provides a wide variety of solutions to different kind of customers from the Public Sector.

Comarch business model

How companies should respond to this trend?

Comarch Cloud - Cloud for small and medium sized businesses

Bythe number of active devices linked to the global IoT network will increase to IoT therefore requires a skillful connection of hardware and software, where a physical interface collecting the data and a programming base for processing information in the cloud is essential. Comarch Technologies, a company with employees, was established to focus on the development of devices dedicated to IoT applications and Cyber Security.

But to create an integrated system, from wireless communication to cloud solutions and mobile applications, a lot of time and expertise in the field is required, which these companies usually do not have.

Comarch IoT Plant Due to their complex functionality, service models developed in the electronics industry to date, based in many cases on cooperation with manufacturers in the Far East, no longer work for IoT.

This trend is boosting the role of Eastern Europe which offers a good combination of low costs, top qualifications and short reaction times. Comarch has therefore created a holistic ecosystem which is geared to meeting the need for quick and effective introduction of Internet of Things functionality into any electronic device or application.

Who Uses This Software?

The Comarch IoT Plant accrues all the required competencies. All the resources needed to conduct preliminary studies and create a product concept, carry out mechanical and 3D designs, design electronics, develop software, launch prototyping and short run production are gathered under one roof.

Comarch business model

IoT Plant takes full advantage of the enormous knowledge and experience base of the Comarch Group corresponding to the software development process. These competencies have been supplemented by project teams and production assets which allow for quick production of short and medium runs.

IoT Plant is able to quickly design and implement customized solutions which are based on specific customer requirements. Yet a complete system does not always need to be created from scratch.

Comarch Technologies has created a range of ready-to-use IoT system elements, including beacons or BLE modules along with a cloud-based calculation platform.- Define business model and strategic sales development plans - Support and drive collaborations with key opinion leaders and key customers to achieve desired outcome - Design and deliver technical trainings for internal team and customersTitle: Business development and product .

Comarch Next Generation Service Management Vertical – Silos based Architecture OSS OSS OSS IP Access Data IP All this “magic” is based on the CFS-RFS-R model. This means that service Other business unit Third Party Component Service Layer CFS IP CFS IP .

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Comarch, a global software house and system integrator has just completed the implementation of its Comarch M2M Platform for Telekom Austria Group, the leading communications provider in .

The Comarch NFV/SDN solution is based on Comarch OSS Suite, which enables CSPs to provide customer services on top of the hybrid network built from “legacy” components and distributed NFVIPoPs.

Comarch Field Service Management (FSM) is a comprehensive WFM (Workforce Management) solution for scheduling, staffing, managing, and supporting the workforce in the field, which results in significantly increased efficiency of operations.

"The model that we decided to implement at Comarch proves to be very successful. Rarely do you come across a vendor who is that committed and passionate about the project.

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