Aztec empire pazarro thesis

Visit Website Returning to Panama, Pizarro planned an expedition of conquest, but the Spanish governor refused to back the scheme. InPizarro returned to Panama. Inhe sailed down to Peru, landing at Tumbes. Pizarro invited Atahuallpa to attend a feast in his honor, and the emperor accepted.

Aztec empire pazarro thesis

Andagoya eventually established contact with several Native American curacas chiefssome of whom he later claimed were sorcerers and witches. Having reached as far as the San Juan River part of the present boundary between Ecuador and Colombia Andagoya fell ill and returned to Panama.

Inwhile still in Panama, Pizarro formed a partnership with a priest, Hernando de Luque and a soldier, Diego de Almagroto explore and conquer the South.

Pizarro, Almagro and Luque later explicitly renewed their compact, [6]: While their accord was strictly oral, they dubbed their enterprise the Empresa del Levante and determined that Pizarro would command the expedition, Almagro would provide military and food supplies and Luque would be in charge of finances and additional provisions.

Pizarro's first expedition, however, turned out to be a failure as his conquistadores, sailing down the Pacific coast, reached no farther than Colombia before succumbing to bad weather, lack of food and skirmishes with hostile natives, one of which caused Almagro to lose an eye by arrow-shot.

The place names the Spanish bestowed along their route, including Puerto Deseado desired portPuerto del Hambre port of hunger and Punta Quemado or Puebla Quemado burned portconfirmed their difficulties.

Fearing subsequent hostile encounters like the one the expedition endured at the Battle of Punta QuemadaPizarro ended his first expedition and returned to Panama. The governor, who himself was preparing an expedition north to Nicaraguawas reluctant to permit another expedition, having lost confidence in Pizarro.

The three associates eventually won his trust and he acquiesced. Soon after arriving the party separated, with Pizarro staying to explore the new and often perilous territory off the swampy Colombian coasts, while the expedition's co-commander, Almagro, returned to Panama for reinforcements.

To everyone's surprise, these carried textiles, ceramic objects and some pieces of gold, silver and emeraldsmaking Ruiz's findings the central focus of this second expedition.

Some natives were taken aboard Ruiz's ship to serve as interpreters. Soon Almagro sailed into the port laden with supplies and a reinforcement of at least eighty recruits who had arrived at Panama from Spain with an expeditionary spirit.

The findings and excellent news from Ruiz along with Almagro's new reinforcements cheered Pizarro and his tired followers.


They decided to sail back to the territory already explored by Ruiz and, after a difficult voyage due to strong winds and currents, reached Atacames on the Ecuadorian coast. Here, they found a large native population recently brought under Inca rule. Unfortunately for the conquistadores, the warlike spirit of the people they encountered seemed so defiant and dangerous in numbers that the Spanish decided not to enter the land.

Fearing an unsuccessful outcome, he rejected Almagro's application for continued resources. In addition, he ordered two ships commanded by Juan Tafur to be sent immediately with the intention of bringing Pizarro and his crew back to Panama.

Choose, each man, what best becomes a brave Castilian. For my part, I go to the south. They later became known as "The Famous Thirteen " Los trece de la fama[6]: Ruiz left in one of the ships with the intention of joining Almagro and Luque in their efforts to gather reinforcements.

Soon after the ships left, Pizarro and his men constructed a crude boat and journeyed 25 leagues north to La Isla Gorgona, where they would remain for seven months before the arrival of new provisions. Almagro and Luque grasped the opportunity and left Panama this time without new recruits for La Isla Gorgona to once again join Pizarro.

On meeting with Pizarro, the associates decided to continue sailing south on the recommendations of Ruiz's Indian interpreters. Tumbes became the first success the Spanish had so long desired. They were received with a warm welcome of hospitality and provisions from the Tumpis, the local inhabitants.

On subsequent days two of Pizarro's men, Alonso de Molina and Pedro de Candiareconnoitered the territory and both, on separate accounts, reported back the riches of the land, including the decorations of silver and gold around the chief's residence and the hospitable attentions with which they were received by everyone.

The Spanish also saw for the first time the Peruvian llama[6]: The natives began calling the Spanish the "Children of the Sun" due to their fair complexions and brilliant armor.

Pizarro, meanwhile, continued receiving the same accounts of a powerful monarch who ruled over the land they were exploring.

These events served as evidence to convince the expedition that the wealth and power displayed at Tumbes were an example of the riches of the Peruvian territory.

The conquistadors decided to return to Panama to prepare the final expedition of conquest with more recruits and provisions. Before leaving, however, Pizarro and his followers sailed south along the coast to see if anything of interest could be found.aztec empire pazarro thesis esl term paper editing services usa essay social academic essay title formulation esl dissertation results writers for hire online esl thesis proposal writing websites for university benefits of a college degree essay Weapons of World War One.

In the Spanish attacked the Aztec’s capital city and destroyed their civilization. That was the end of the Aztec’s mighty empire had built so long ago.

Work Cited 1) “Aztec Indians”.

Aztec empire pazarro thesis

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Start studying MUST KNOW DATES QUIZ; SEAT. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. In , Pizarro sailed back to Spain to ask the support of Emperor Charles V. Hernan Cortes had recently brought the emperor great wealth through his conquest of the Aztec Empire, and Charles.

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