An introduction to the issue of american mafia

The authors of this article have done their best to resurrect this lost, secret history of the Khazarians and their large International Organized Crime Syndicate, best referred to as the Khazarian Mafia KM and make this history available to the World via the Internet, which is the new Gutenberg Press. It has been exceedingly difficult to reconstruct this hidden secret history of the KM, so please excuse any minor inaccuracies or errors which are unintentional and are due to the difficulty in digging out the true history of Khazaria and its mafia. We have done the best we can to reconstruct it.

An introduction to the issue of american mafia

Everybody in Chicago knew of Colosimo, who rode around in the contemporary version of a pimpmobile — a huge, shiny Pierce Arrow with a uniformed chauffeur at the wheel. A broad-shouldered giant, Colosimo had dark skin, jet-black hair, a bushy mustache, and a room-filling personality.

He spoke in a booming southern Italian accent, his arms flailing whenever he was excited, which he frequently was. He wore diamonds all over--diamond rings on every finger, diamond shirt studs, diamond cuff links, and diamond belt and suspender buckles topped by a huge diamond horseshoe pin on his vest.

If one of his trouser legs rode up, another diamond could be glimpsed on a garter clasp.

An introduction to the issue of american mafia

He carried a bag of jewels with him and frequently took out a couple stones to play with. Organized crime the Italian American kind has long been a source of popular entertainment and legend. Structuring his narrative around a notable amount of case histories featuring infamous mobsters such as Lucky Luciano and Al Capone, Reppetto writes about a lifetime of field experience and access to unseen and confidential documents to let us get to know a locally grown Mafia.

It has many components that are strikingly surprising.


The basic issue is that Reppetto fills his pages with information chronologically. While this might seem a valid approach, the issue is that the broader outlines get buried under needless detailed information. One of the advantages of looking back is that we are able to connect the dots and draw general conclusions.

Reppetto ho I read the American Maffa: Reppetto however goes in way too deep for that and mostly answers the what, when and how questions. While Reppetto does address the why at times, it would have been overall better in my opinion if he had concentrated on the broader outlines and only given a case to support those outlines instead of trying to incorporate every tale of every important criminal and every important crime fighter during the period covered.

What happened to the American mafia? : history

Overall a nice book to read but surely not a definite book on the mob.The Italian-American Mafia, also known as La Cosa Nostra with its roots in Sicily, maintains a hold on American popular culture thanks to decades of movies and television shows including The Godfather and The Sopranos.

So the golden age of the American mafia has passed but they aren't dead. The modern mafia is basically the Five Families of New York, Chicago outfit, and the Philadelphia family with much smaller families that act more like .

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