A discussion of the duality issues related to visa and mastercard

Furthermore, there are some locations that the card wont even work. You have to request a new card be sent with your name on it. Before i got a new card it worked.

A discussion of the duality issues related to visa and mastercard

Volume 12, Number 2: Credit Card Antitrust Suit The Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice has recently continued to enforce long-neglected antitrust laws with a lawsuit against Visa and MasterCard, the credit card duopoly. Credit card companies, such as Visa and MasterCard, are not independent corporations with individual owners or publicly traded stock.

The card companies issue cards to consumers and businesses, provide merchants with access to credit-processing networks, and allow banks to issue credit cards with access to their network.

A discussion of the duality issues related to visa and mastercard

Beforedifferent banks controlled Visa and MasterCard. When one Visa member tried to join MasterCard, Visa adopted a bylaw forbidding this.

However, Visa and MasterCard amended their bylaws a few years later to allow their member banks to join each other, but not other credit networks such as American Express or Discover.

Consumers have consequently suffered from artificially high interest rates and a lack of innovation. The DOJ complaint www.

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Many actions proposed by the human managers of each company to increase their market share or performance have been vetoed by the board of bank directors, concerned that competition would hurt bank profits.

The government has diligently helped gouge the citizenry. One of the best examples of this is Alabama lending laws. Einstein called compound interest the 8th wonder of the world; perhaps Moses would have found it a nice 11th plague. US states had always had usury laws controlling in terest rates until the Marquette ruling, after which they were quickly liberalized, repealed, or rendered irrelevant.

South Dakota and the mother of all corporate prostitutes, Delaware, quickly relaxed their usury laws. Citibank quickly opened up a processing center in South Dakota, and Visa and MasterCard are both chartered in Delaware. This and other outcomes of interest-rate deregulation are outlined in an excellent FDIC report, www.

A few stunning effects are: Among other things, risk means a chance the borrower will default, and the lender will loose his or her investment.

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However, as we have seen in the Mexican peso bailout and the East Asian bailouts, the Federal Reserve, IMF and other public institutions believe that poor, developing-world peoples should suffer when their governments and banks default on loans, and that Western lenders should have their loans paid back by Western taxpayers via IMF bailouts.

The trend in credit is part of a much broader consolidation of the financial industry. Banks are merging at a record pace. This landmark New-Deal legislation was enacted to address some minor economic effects of companies being involved in commercial banking, insurance, and investment there was a mild economic downturn in the late s, which may still be discussed by certain leftist history teachers.

This law forbade any company from operating in more than one field, period. So clear is this legislation that it has basically survived the best attempts of financial wizards to pull rabbits through legal loopholes. Apparently we have forgotten the lessons of the past and are consciously condemning ourselves to repeat them: Congress recently repealed Glass-Steagall.

Many concerned citizens helped educate Congress as to the public need for this salutary action, especially given the duress and foreign competition that confronted American finance in the s, such as the East Asian financial meltdown.

They have publicly explained their appalling rationale. To buy time needed to buy votesTravelers proposed to acquire Citibank, so that the merger would be regulated by the Federal Reserve.

The Fed can issue a five-year waiver on Glass-Steagall restrictions while it reviews a merger, during which time Citibank and Travelers could start to implement their illegal marriage. They figured they would be able to purchase a repeal of Glass-Steagall during this time. Ten Percent, brother of Carlos Salinas, former president of Mexico.This paper provides an introduction to tokenization; summarizes the discussion on payment versus non-payment industry tokenization initiatives, and highlights some key differences, issues, and considerations underlying any tokenization models or technical specifications for the payments industry.

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Discussion must be conducted respectfully, openly (ie. no anonymous postings) and rationally, with the object being that the dissemination of ideas will lead to action that will contribute to PNG's ongoing development. May 26,  · If you need to update your credit card info from an iphone and you get the message "Your payment method is declined" and you have tried entering the correct info many times, to no avail, try the following: For payment type (ie Visa Mastercard etc) select NONE.

Then select DONE. Then it .

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Related Interests. Visa Inc. Master Card; The case “Visa and MasterCard’s Association potentially anticompetitive” is prepared to serve as a class discussion by Michael Baye and Patrick Scholten. of the cooperation between Visa and MasterCard is overlapping ownership and governance structure which is known as duality.

Visa and. Visa and MasterCard are joint ventures - or, they call themselves, "association" - create, own, manage operations, and the interests of their member banks. These banks with Lenovo's products and services, or issue credit cards to consumers, for businesses to provide card acceptance services, or both%(5).

Apr 29,  · I was wondering about purchasing some items totally stealth (without using my own personal credit card) and would want to know if I would have any problems if the situation somehow came up. Normally, I figure credit card purchases are refunded to the card, but I have no idea how this would apply to debit / prepaid cards.

A discussion of the duality issues related to visa and mastercard
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